An Easy, Economical, Approach To
Hospital grade Disinfection
For your Home, Business, and More!

  • Mold & Mildew Removal

  • Strong Odor Removal

  • Common Allergen & Dust Eliminator

  • Biofilm Ereadication

  • HVAC System Antimicrobial Reduction

  • Air Quality Improvement

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Our Solutions

Terra Verde Solutions, LLC

Germ Free – Mold Free – Odor Free – Worry Free

A locally owned Tucson Business specializing in fast and affordable disinfection utilizing earth, human, and animal safe EPA registered and NSF listed products.

Do-It-Yourself Support

All-Surface Disinfection Service


I work in a biotechnology lab, and we use this stuff because it works better than most other products on the market. When I needed a strong, versatile disinfectant at home I immediately purchased this.

Jarrod, Terra Verde Solutions

We are very excited to have found a more natural product that cleans & disinfects without toxins & heavy chemicals. We have 4000 ft of polished concrete floor that we had no idea what to use to clean.

Joel & Kaissa, TASL